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Toothbrushes Under Attack: The Disturbing Account of 3 Million Hacked Smart Devices

The story of three million smart toothbrushes being hacked, forming a massive botnet that was then used to launch a distributed denial of service cyberattack against a Swiss organization, has become incredibly popular. However, numerous individuals within the information security industry are struggling to locate any concrete evidence to validate this narrative. A simple Google search displays a wide range of sources, from national newspapers to online technology publications, all sharing the viral account of three million compromised smart toothbrushes attacking an unnamed Swiss company through a DDoS botnet.

Smart Toothbrush

As ZDNet reports, 3 million smart toothbrushes were NOT used in a DDoS attack after all, but it could happen. What’s next, malware-infected dental floss? But seriously: It’s a reminder that even the smallest smart home devices can be a threat. If you have Cybersecurity questions or would like an IT Evaluation for your business, contact PTS today.

Read the entire article from ZDNet here.

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